Why Not?

I’ve been really bad about keeping up with life in general as of late, but that’s about to change. I just began my Christmas shopping, online of course. I can hardly believe it’s only two weeks away. Where the hell did the time go? Is this year really almost over? And thank Bob it is. It’s definitely time for some resolutions and clean slates.

I did the unthinkable this past week and enrolled in some college courses. It’s been about eight years since I quit, and I’ve been getting along just fine without a degree, but hey, why not? It could be fun, could open up some new doors, and I’d kinda just like to say, “Hey, look at this fancy piece of paper I’ve got that says I’m smart and such.” Ready or not, college, here I come.

Pocket Full of Posies, book two of my Reapers Inc. series, is coming along slowly. I’ve taken a little time away from it to work on some shorts for various anthology projects, but once the first of the year rolls around, I’m putting myself on a strict writing schedule. Along with my busy school schedule and work schedule. If I’m lucky, I’ll have some time left over for sleep and a sliver of a social life. That could be a bit too optimistic though.

There’s something I’m forgetting. I’m sure of it. But it’s five in the morning, and I haven’t been to sleep yet.

Well, it could be a while before I post again. Or I may get an early start on my resolution to keep up with a blog. At least once a week, anyway. So, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Solstice, Happy Hanukkah… and yeah, that’s why I just say Happy Holidays. Happy whatever floats your boat, as long as it doesn’t sink mine.


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