What was I thinking?

So, my new year’s resolution to be more consistent with the blogging isn’t exactly working out, in case you haven’t noticed. However, I have not had a cigarette in almost eight weeks. So I’ve managed to keep one resolution, and I managed not to indulge in the homicidal urges that plagued me the first few weeks. Much to my friend’s and family’s relief. Part of the reason for the lack of blogging has to do with the fact that I’m working two jobs, back in school- full time, and trying to finish book 2 in the Reapers Inc. series, of which the deadline is the end of this month. Boy, I sure wish they would hurry up and legalize cloning. Life is Chaos, but what’s new? So, that’s the word for now. I’ve got an art lecture to attend tomorrow, and Sunday is the Superbowl. The Colts are playing someone. I forget who. Hope everyone’s new year is going fantastic, despite the craptastic weather.


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