X-ray Vision

Ok, maybe it’s not quite that spectacular, but I can see pretty damn good. The lasik surgery was successful!  I just have to remember to put drops in every other hour and not rub my eyes.  Well worth never having to wear contacts or glasses again.  This past week has been hell.  Many hours invested in my new graphic design job, but the final product will be published this week, and I can’t wait to see it!  School has suffered a bit, but I’ll play catch up this week and hope for the best.  Book 2 is not going to make the deadline unless I give up sleep entirely, but it WILL be out by summer.  I’m off to celebrate Valentine’s day a week late with my honey.  We’ve both been running in circles lately.  I’m still running, but that resolution to blog more is nagging at me, so here you have it.  : )


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