Beginnings & Endings

Too much happens between these posts to give a truly accurate update.  I’m single again, which is always a liberating and foregoing feeling.  It never seems to last long enough, even though I tell myself every time that I’m never settling again.  Relationships are like a drug that I keep trying to kick.  I feel slightly selfish because I’m so thrilled at all the time I have to myself.  I’m doing yoga with my roommate, working more on my second novel, playing my guitar, keeping up with school work and regular everyday work.  It’s nice.  It’s simple.

A signed copy of Graveyard Shift was auctioned off at the Annual Literary Council Tea Auction last weekend!  It was an exciting experience.  I went and bid on a basket containing the full Wheel of Time series, and got it!  The 11th book was hardback and autographed.  It was really fun and I’m looking forward to attending again next year and getting more involved.  I met a lot of neat people, including some more local authors.  I sat at a table with Linda Perkins, who has published quite a few short stories, including a few for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.  You can visit her site at 

These next few months are going to kick my butt, I can already tell.  I am sincerely trying to keep up with this blog, but I think you can see where my efforts have gotten me thus far.  There is a Christopher Moore book signing in Chicago on the 30th of this month that I desperately want to attend, but I have to meet my novel deadline, so I will more than likely miss it.  But, I should be finished in time to make it to Jim Butcher’s signing in Lee’s Summit on April 12th.

I’m hoping to have a house bought within the next month or two.  I’m all signed up for summer courses.  And once I know the exact release date of book 2, I’ll be setting up another book tour, probably June or July-ish. I think I may run a contest for free copies and post another teaser chapter soon, too. So much to do, so little time.  Sigh.


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