Something’s wrong with my Microsoft Word. It only opens in safe mode now. I think it’s about to go on strike. I think my whole computer’s about to go on strike. I’ve typed close to half a million words on this thing. Some of the letters on my keyboard are starting to wear off. There’s a shiny spot on my space key, but just on the right side. My left hand refuses to touch the space key for some reason. It’s a Nazi.

I could give you a list of random things that I love so you might have a little more insight about that which is me, but honestly, I love all kinds of things. I think a list of dislikes could be just as insightful. And the list is shorter and more manageable. I’m all about manageable lists.

1. Creamed corn. Really, that’s about the only food I refuse to eat.

2. Those little twisty ties that come on bread bags. Yeah, I hate those. I throw them away.

3. Deadlines.

4. People who can’t take a joke.

5. Stepping in dog poop.

Life feels simple today. I’m going to go see about a tattoo with a friend and then to the movies with my sister. If I find a little motivation later, I think I’ll work on my latest novel.


4 Responses to “Insight”

  1. I hate those twist ties too

  2. I’m going to buy a country someday and outlaw them.

  3. spikyzora Says:

    Hi honey. What movie did you and sis go see?

    I don’t think anyone has ever said they like stepping on dog poop? But if you ever do…run the opposite direction. hehehe.

    later cutie pie. xx

    • During the blog remodeling my reply to your comment must have been eaten by cyborg Nazis. But if I remember correctly, my sister ended up attending a school function, since she’s a teacher and all. And yes, I think if I ran into someone who enjoyed stepping in dog poop, I would most definitely run! lol ; )

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