Crazy Flakes!

My lineup for the next week…

Tonight: Maybe watch the Buffy musical with my best friend, Wendi. SCORE! Then come back home and work on the Real Estate Guide some more.

Tomorrow: Work on the Real Estate Guide. Get a new driver’s license. Again. : ( I really think I should just get it tattooed on me somewhere. Work on the Guide some more. Go see Cady at Sharky’s! Yay! She’s coming to visit! Get my free hug from Roy, cuz it’s free hug Friday! Come home and work on the Guide some more.

Saturday: Go pick up Stephanie and head to Rockfest!!!! WaHoo!!!!!

Sunday: Work on the Guide some more. Work on the Guide some more. And some more. Send out proofs to everyone.

Monday: Make some vinyl signs. Do some corrections on the Guide. Actually get the recommended 8 hours of sleep.

Tuesday: More Guide corrections. Make some vinyl signs. Work on that second novel everyone keeps asking about.

Wednesday: More Guide corrections. More signs.

Thursday: More signs. More novel typing. May find time to sing some karaoke at the Limits with that crazy crowd I’m known to hang with.

Friday: Signs. Typing. Typing. Typing. Typing until my fingers fall off. When my fingers do fall off, maybe watch some awful B movie with the Gomez Clan!

Life may be crazy, but it’s still awesome pants!


4 Responses to “Crazy Flakes!”

  1. spikyzora Says:

    Angela: You have lots to do there sweetie. I don’t see how you’re going to get 8 hours of sleep in there. But I know you’ll find a way. klick ass girls always fins a way…and you are a kick ass girl.

    My schedule for next week…is easy cheesy. I’m going to be quiet but have lots to do in the studio.

    Have fun on your weekend. xxx

  2. Have fun on your weekend too, Spiky! : )

  3. Hi Angela,

    First let me thank you for dropping by my little journal. I was really pleased that Spiky mentioned it on her blog. Isn’t she completely precious? I am totally in love with her and have been for almost 3 years now. From what I have read in your world, I might fall in love all over again … maybe I should start calling myself Georgette or something.

    I got tired just reading your week schedule. True you are a few years younger than I but I don’t think I could stay that busy when I was your age (only a couple of years ago, mind you). I have gone past the have to be busy all the time stage and now reside in the … yep, I might do it tomorrow stage.

    I intend to read your book and I’ll probably end up having to compare you to d.h. lawrence or c. dickens or maybe another of those no name writers.

    I’ll try and drop by semi regulalry … call me the bowel movement


    • LOL The bowel movement. That’s fantastic. I once had an editor catch a typo where I meant to put they emptied their bowls at breakfast, but I had bowels instead. I had another typos that stated something about shiny back hair, where it should have said black hair. Typos are fun. That was the first book I wrote and never published. If I had left all the typos, it would have made a more interesting read, I think. Thanks for coming by my blog. And yes, Spiky is wondrous. I’m smitten with her as well. le sigh.

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