I’d like to be sleeping right now. But I drank a ton of coffee in the last few days to stay awake and get some work done. Now I can’t sleep. Which is stoopid pants. I only got 4 hours last night. I should be tired. Right? Well, since I’m up anyways, and it’s technically Tuesday now, might as well post some poetry. Maybe something lighter this week…

A Mildly Indecent Hobby

I like them big and long
Taking hours and sometimes days
I like them rich and strong
And in lots of different ways

It doesn’t matter where
Whether on a boat or plane
Without them I would wither
And surely go insane

Some of them I forget
Others are in my heart for good
Some made me laugh all day
Others I barely understood

It’s what I live to do, you see
And I’ve become a pro
At devouring the pages
Of every book I know



One Response to “Limbo”

  1. spikyzora Says:

    Hi Angela: I can just imagine you sitting there with a roomful of tomes. I think it’s a wonderful poem. I’m glad you posted it. I love the image it gave me.

    later sweetie xxx

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