Mon Dieu

It’s been an interesting week.

So, my friend Kyrin suggested that I submit some slogans to this web site that makes offensive button and such. They pay you if they use anything you submit. They have a 5 month waiting period, but the owner of the company emailed me the day after I submitted a few slogans and said he liked one and was putting it up to be voted on by his panel. The next day he emailed again to say his panel was shocked and that it was even too offensive for their offensive web site. Wow. So since it’s so offensive, I’m not posting it here. If you really must know how offensive I can be, you’ll have to find me on facebook. Yeah, it’s that bad that I won’t post it this publicly. Come on. My mom might be reading this.

Finally closed on my new house. After much chaos and several panic attacks and last minute contract changes. It’s a good thing my mom is my real estate agent. She read everything for me. My eye doctor in KC gave me the dilating drops Wednesday, so not only could I not read anything for the rest of the day, but I looked like I was on drugs. They said my pupils would go down in 4-6 hours. Not so much.

I’ll  be heading out to join all the hippies at Heartland in the morning. Still haven’t packed up all the belly dancing garb. Hopefully I’ll be selling and signing a few books. The latest deadline for book 2 is creeping up quickly. I’m thinking next weekend I will have to drop off the face of the earth if I want to get any typing done. Should be in my new house by then.

The full moon seems to be working it’s mojo tonight. Moods have been swinging around like a barrel of monkeys all hopped up on Red Bull. I’m feeling pretty stable though. No crazier than usual, anyway. Lots of big plans. Not enough time. Not enough sleep. Where’s my midnight oil?


6 Responses to “Mon Dieu”

  1. spikyzora Says:

    angela: Hi beautiful. I’ve missed you but totally understand.

    Congrats on the house.
    Ciao babe. xxx

  2. I’ve missed you too, Spiky! : ( Sadness. Congrats on marrying Kyrin though. ; ) lol Wish I could have attended that ceremony!

  3. Good luck with the book… happy house moving ! 😉 have fun


  4. I have finally met (albeit electronically) somebody who has the same problem that I do with the dilating eye drops. I am usually done for the day, even if I get them at 9AM. It is usually until after dinner that I can’t see anything.
    And the headache. No matter what the weather forecast says, it is almost always blindingly sunny and all that brightness pouring through wide open pupils hurts.

    Be well

    • Thanks, George. I’m doing much better. Unfortuately, there’s a good chance that I will have to go back in for an enhancement on my lasik surgery. Damn it pants. I hear you on the sunshine pain. I find that big dorky sunglasses cures most of that though. lol

  5. Happy house moving? Is that possible? lol The deed is almost done. Thank Bob! Almost time to get back to work on that book. : )

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