Just barely made it. I almost let June slip by without posting anything at all. I’m terrible. Really. Everything is chaos right now. Lots of fun events coming up in the near future. So many that I’m not sure if I have any free time left at all this summer. At least I have fun scheduled in there too. I took my new furbaby Grim to the vet today to get de-clawed and de-balled. They’re keeping him for 2 nights. I’m kinda sad about it, but when he comes home he won’t be made of quite so many demons.

My summer thus far:

Working 2 jobs.

Going to school full-time.

Trying to get settled in the new house.

Trying to keep my wonderful assortment of friends from wondering if I’ve been abducted by aliens.

Trying to finish book 2 of my Reapers Inc. Series.

Yeah, who needs sleep? Sigh. I’ll catch up with life someday. Seriously. It could happen.


2 Responses to “Gasp”

  1. spikyzora Says:

    Hi babe. I think June was a busy month for everyone. July looks to be the same animal. Work work work…rehearsals and 3 shows to do.

    Hey…you get to go on vacay right? that’s fun, fun and more fun to look forward to.

    sleep…oh yeah I know what that is…I get about 4 hours a night of that stuff. hehehe.

    Oh and hey what’s your summer son mix for 2010. You have to have one to listen to while having mimosas by the garden. : )

    later cutie pie. xxx

  2. Been running in circles. Sick. Dog gone missing. You name it. Sigh. But I promise, summer music mix is going up today! Love ya. xoxo

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