Many Moons Later…..

It’s terrible.

I know.

I haven’t updated anything in months. But in my defense, my life has been full of chaos and surprises….

Paul and I are having a baby! And one of the excuses for not updating the blog is the fact that I was afraid I would blab the news much sooner than we planned. We finally spilled the beans after Thanksgiving dinner. The pregnancy has not been without complications and concerns. I have PCOS, and therefore, I also have a large cyst on one of my ovaries. On the plus side, this means we get more sonograms! Leave it to me to find the silver lining.

School has been insane, and I’ve decided I’ll be cutting back next semester and not taking summer courses, especially with the baby. Paul is busy redoing the cabinets and floors at his place. Once he’s done, we’ll be moving over there and selling my place. Book 2 has been eluding me for some time. With the lightened class load next semester, and possibly a new laptop, I’m hoping to have it finished by Spring. And with the Summer schedule looking even lighter, I’m hoping to tackled book 3.

The blog has undergone a slight makeover, thanks to my cyber-assistant Jasie. She’s a bit of a guru with some media experience. I apologize if some of your comments are missing. I’ve given her free reign over the site to keep it as “clean” as possible. (She seems to think it’s best to keep the page PG-13… and what if my kid reads this someday?)

In other book related news… New York Times Best-Selling author MaryJanice Davidson read my first book and her wonderous assistant Tracy emailed me her review “Charming and hilarious…Sookie and Betsy have some competition!”  Yeah, she compared my work to her own and also Charlaine Harris’s. I almost peed my pants. That review is totally going on the cover of book 2.

I suppose that’s the word for now. I hope all of you are having a lovely holiday season!


4 Responses to “Many Moons Later…..”

  1. hello beautiful. Like yeah, you’ve been gone away for so long. But…I knew you were busy with school, work (hell weeks) and your book.

    sweetie, the baby is a blessing. And it’s fantastic news to my ears. I’m excited for you.

    Congratulations to the two of you. And to the baby too…cause his or her mommy is fantastic. : )

    later sweetie.

    • Awww. Thank you, Spiky! I promise I’ll try to do better with this blog. I’ve got a super new helper, and although her blog isn’t always PG-13, she’s making sure mine is. Probably for the best, because I’m sure my kiddo will be online by the time they’re 3. lol ; )

  2. Lovely site, and an interesting read!

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