Greetings From the Inside

It always feels like a lifetime in between these posts. I’m so not cut out for blogging. I’m much better at keeping up with Facebook, considering how easy it is to use and how short a post can be. Speaking of Facebook, Graveyard Shift has its own page now!

….. which you’ll have to go to the main page to find the link…. I’m not as savvy with code as I once was… and I can’t get it to show up right in this post…. poop

In baby news, we now know that we’re having a boy, and we’re already set on the name Xavier Thomas. We pronounce it with a Z sound, like Xerox or Xylophone, not like X-ray. The traditional pronunciation bothers me for some reason. It doesn’t seem natural. It’s like it should be spelled X-avier if it’s going to be pronounced that way. I’m hoping to have book 2 finished up in a few weeks. I’m really pushing myself on this new schedule, but it will be worth it. Book 3 will be mostly typed in between breastfeeding baby Xav and taking catnaps this summer. And you know, I can’t wait!


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