The Deep End

Book 2 is really dragging along. I should have had it tied up and edited long ago, but with work, school, a household to maintain, and a growing baby who breastfeeds 8-10 times a day, it’s been challenging to say the least. Can you believe Xav is already 5 months old!?!?! Finals will be finished next week, and then I’ll have a whole month to focus my previous school time towards book 2. I get asked an average of twice a week when the release date will be. Sigh. If only I could skip sleep altogether. I could get so much more done! I really need to add blogging to my weekly regime as well. I have 2 semesters left, and then I will finally have my degree! And be done with school forever! I could cram all my classes into 1 semester, but that really would require me to give up sleep altogether, and my sanity is challenged enough these days, thank you. Well, time to finish up my Christmas shopping online… after changing Xav’s diaper. Maybe we’ll do this blog thing again sometime soon. Since we all know that could be months from now, I’ll go ahead and say “Happy Holidays!” now.


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