Heya Strangers!

It’s SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!! Well, close enough anyway. Classes are finished for the semester. Three As and one B. Stupid college algebra, messing up my GPA. I have one semester left until I get my fancy-pants degree that will not increase my pay a bit. I think that makes me a glutton for punishment, but I just can’t stand the thought of leaving it unfinished. Besides, if I ever get the notion to go back again (not likely) I will have the basics out of the way. And when Xav is school age, I guess I can substitute teach now. So until classes start back up in three months, I am back to writing on book two. It’s really awful how long this book is taking me, but I swear, I am making progress. It’s just so slow lately. I’ve lost my rhythm, due to a drastic series of life events. Moving (AGAIN), getting married, having a baby, going back to school, losing family, working various freelance graphics jobs. I wasn’t wearing quite so many hats during the first book, but I am definitely not complaining. LOVE my life. I am finally updating this blog. It may be wishful thinking that I’ll keep up with it this time, but I’ll do my best…


2 Responses to “Heya Strangers!”

  1. Wendi S. Says:

    Well there are a lot of us waiting .. patiently

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