Back in the Saddle

I’ve wrote a thousand words a night for the past three nights. Feeling pretty epic right now, but I still wish I could increase that to two or three thousand a night. Some new plot ideas have sprouted… even a few for book 3 are brewing. I am guilty of reading a leisure book this weekend, but come on, it was a holiday weekend! My friend Teresa has me hooked on J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I’ve made it through the first three books now. Loving the juicy bits and the mysterious story lines and battles. Not exactly into the whole gangster-thug dialog and music references though. Eh. Just not my style, I guess. My web presence guru Jasie has informed me that I need an author page on Facebook and a twitter account. I’ve got a book page for “Graveyard Shift”. Gosh. Isn’t that enough?  And I’m updating my blog. Twice in one week. The rest of that is just going to have to wait until book two is finished…. or until Jasie moves into my basement and becomes my personal minion. Mwahahahaha!  Well. Back to Lana and Limbo City. See you all again soon!


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