The Elusive To-Do List

My brains feel like marshmallows. Things have been moving right along, but somehow my to-do list seems to be getting longer instead of shorter. The universe is playing a practical joke on me I think, but it’s not very practical. Hey, at least I’m updating my blog as promised! Checking that off the list.

In other news, the Limbo City Gift Shop is now open. There’s lots of fun stuff available, like a flask and shot glass with the Purgatory Lounge logo and slogan on it, a tote bag for Athena’s Boutique, a travel mug for Reapers Inc., and a whole lot more. My husband has already bought half a dozen items. Check out the store here

Tuesday, September 4th, at 8:30am I will be on the radio with Jack Miller talking about books! You can listen online here

Books, posters, bookmarks, business cards, and other promotional items have been designed and ordered. I still need to shoot out a few press releases and get a few more solid dates for book signings down so I can order more posters and such. I’m ever so slightly behind with the housework and homework. Right now I’m torn between writing an annotated sentence outline for a paper due in my Comp II class and finishing the outline for my next novel. Decisions, decisions….


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