Snail Mail

So a big box full of copies of “Pocket Full of Posies” should be here any day now. Also, a box full of copies of “Graveyard Shift”, a box of announcement post cards to send out, and my husband’s Grim Reaper costume for the signings. hehehe My Comp II professor read both of the novels in my series, and he seemed impressed, which pleases me to no end! He also found a few typos that I will be correcting in revised editions of both books. Then he very graciously offered to edit the next novel in my series. How awesome is that? I can always use another set of eyes, and a professional set is even better. He’s also sparked my interest in another series called “Thursday Next” by Jasper Fforde. There are literally over a hundred books I want to read right now, but most of them will have to wait until Christmas break. I also need to carve out a little time to work on book three in my series some more. I should have the cover art posted soon, along with a preview of chapter one. The first signing for book two is next Friday!!! I’m a little nervous, to be honest. Gosh, it’s been nearly three years since I’ve done a signing, but last time I didn’t have an awesome husband to dress up like Grim and accompany me. I can’t wait to get some pictures!


One Response to “Snail Mail”

  1. When you think about the purpose of a comp 2 class, it seems funny that a published author has to take it. EASY A+ : )

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