Zombie Coffee

I’ve had just enough coffee that I think my brain activity is registering at zombie frequencies right now. I know it’s nearly noon, but I didn’t sleep last night. At all. Not even a nap. Not even resting my eyes. Which are bloodshot. How about all those fragments? The grammar police who live in my head are having a fit right now. The reason for my sleepless night is that it’s guide weekend. That special time of the month where I get three days to design a 72 page real estate guide and have the proofs out by 9am Monday morning. I could have slept afterwards, I suppose, but then there would be no way I could wake up in time for my Comp II class on campus, and I really hate missing class. Maybe I’ll pick up some Visine on the way.

So my box of books arrived. Except that they weren’t my books. The problem has been fixed and I now have the correct books, but it did remind me of my first signing for book one. A last minute text change that was done wrong by someone at the publishing house resulted in 113 typos per book, and 100 books had already been shipped out. The corrected books came in hours before the signing. Talk about sweating bullets. I’m glad I planned for something like that this time. I hadn’t actually counted on something dire happening again, but at least now I have the immense satisfaction of feeling well prepared. Yay me. And now I have twenty preteen books by an author named Lisa Ard to unload. The publisher said they were mine to do with as I pleased. I’m thinking about dropping them off at one of the grade schools. Maybe I’ll contact Ms. Ard and see what she would have me do. I wonder if she got my box of books and is wondering what to do with them as well. Hmmmm. I think it’s time to make a new friend.


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