And Breathe…

Well, after a full work of week, a book signing on Friday, and then a weekend of frantic school work due by Sunday at Midnight, I’m finally able to slow down and catch my breath. There’s still plenty to do, but the deadlines aren’t immediate…. so I’m back to procrastinating. There will be plenty of time to run around in circles tomorrow.

In the checkout of the grocery store today, I grabbed a copy of the October issue of Glamour magazine. I don’t read fashion magazines much, especially since I started designing the monthly real estate guides. I spend too much time wondering at the price of the ads and nitpicking over their layout and quality. I was drawn to this particular issue because it had Emma Watson on the cover. I ♥ Hermione. Of course I had to stop and check out the horoscopes after finishing the cover article, and now I’m officially freaked out. It mentions taking a vacation at the end of the month. We’re going to Texas for my next signing and have a mini-vacation planned as well. O_o Maybe Glamour employes real psychics? Huh.


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