It was a Tuesday…

What happened to Monday? I haven’t been to bed yet. I think I’m going to just skip it. Too much to do. There are biology experiments to be conducted, and comp papers to be written, and grocery shopping to be done. Oh, where to begin! I’ve been attempting to backup a few of the DVDs that Xav is quickly wearing out, but I’m not having much luck. I’ve downloaded a ton of new software, and I’ve wasted half a dozen discs, but for some reason, none of them will play on our blu-ray player. I’ve moved on to Thumb drives, since our TV has a USB input. I’m on my fourth file conversion. Not getting anywhere yet. Crap. I may have to harass an expert. I can’t believe it’s after 7am already. Geez, why can’t this to-do list just do itself?


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