Is it really October 12th already??? Halloween is just around the corner! It’s my favorite holiday, so I always count down to it. I’m also counting down to graduation. 9 weeks until I have my degree! And then I’m never ever going back again, and no one can make me. Juggling my novel series, freelance graphic design work, and my personal life is enough, thank you. Speaking of the novel series…

Graveyard Shift was downloaded over 400 times last weekend on the Kindle!!! And several times since then too. I’m ecstatic! I can’t wait to see Pocket Full of Posies on the Kindle next! Should be soon too. : )

15 days until the Texas book signing! I’m pretty excited about it. A Real Bookstore in Fairview, who is hosting the signing, also asked Paul and me to help judge their costume contest. They will have a children’s author there too, and lots of fun is sure to be had. I can’t wait to meet the ladies of the online group I’ve been a member of for a while now. It’s strange to feel so close to so many awesome people that I haven’t met in person yet. I’ll also be attending Open Stage in Richardson on the following Monday night for Spooky Stage! And we’re taking Xav to the Dallas Aquarium while we’re in Texas too.

There’s so much going on lately, but I’m pretty thrilled about it all! Well, maybe not about the biology experiments I’ve been conducting in my kitchen, but… only 9 weeks left! 9 weeks! Yes!


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