Blood Pressure

Mine’s dropped to a more stable level recently. This past week, I wrote a 6 page paper on the publishing industry, a 5 page paper on biodiversity and Daniel Quinn’s novel “Ishmael”, and a 2 page paper for my Health and Wellness class. I’ve taken the final exams for my Biology and Health classes, as well as a 108 question exit exam required for graduation. I have an essay final to take Monday in my Comp II class, and I have a painting to finish for my advanced painting class. Then I’m done. Forever. Seriously.
By some miracle, also known as the Internet, I still somehow managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done. Before too long, the house will be clean again and I’ll be back to a productive writing schedule. I’m also looking forward to catching up on my scrapbooking and a few other craft projects.
I still think I’ll be able to release book 3 by March or April, and hopefully I’ll have that preview chapter of book 3 out next week. I keep trying to work on it, but the universe is plotting against me. I never get more than a paragraph in before the phone rings and some emergency needs my immediate attention. My graduation celebrating will be cut short by guide week starting Thursday. There are a couple offices wanting their pages completely redesigned, and I have some web site building to work on too.
Well, there’s my update. Sorry it’s been a while. With school being over (FOREVER, have I mentioned that?) I’ll also have time for more blogification as well. Oh! And “Graveyard Shift” will be available on the Kindle for 99¢ for the whole month of December. Happy Holidays!


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