Hello YouTube!

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The Roquet’s Reapings YouTube Channel is up and running! I’ll have some good stuff up soon. This video is just a short intro. Just testing the format out for now. I think I may have to do some lighting and audio adjustments. What do you think?


New to Kindle? Here’s a FREE ebook to build your new library!

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For all the new Kindle owners out there, “Graveyard Shift” is available to download for FREE today and tomorrow (Dec. 26th and 27th). Hope you enjoy, and if you do, please take a moment to leave a quick review on Amazon. That’s really all I want for Christmas, and hey, it’s FREE! : ) Enjoy!



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You know, just in case you were wondering what to get me…. I’ve got a few on Amazon and Goodreads right now that are really great, but the more the merrier!

I’m completely finished with college as of December 14th!!!! Which means that book 3 should come along pretty quickly now, I hope. I am relaxing until the first of the year, and reading all the leisure books that I can. I’ve already made it through 3 on my fancy Kindle Fire that my honey bought me for Christmas and gave to me extra early. I think I can probably get through 4 or 5 more novels before the end of the year. Going to start the second book in the Thursday Next series tonight!

Today is going to be busy. We’re hosting a little early family Christmas gathering for my brother and his wife since they’re going to be in California for Christmas day. We also hosted a little Thanksgiving gathering this year too. That was a first on both accounts, but I think we pulled it off okay. Although, I’m pretty sure we need a bigger table. Xav woke me up at 3 this morning, so I got a head start on all the prep work. Taking a quick coffee break to catch up on my poor, outdated blog, then it’s back to cleaning and baking.

I’ve got big plans for 2013. I intend to write at least three novels, two for my “Lana Harvey, Reapers Inc.” series, and one other from the jungle of beginnings stashed in a file on my computer. I’m attending my very first writers’ convention, the RT Booklovers Convention in KC, where I will get to meet several authors whom I’ve been friends with for years online, but have never met in person. Really excited about some of the panels I’ll be sitting in on! I might even find an agent if I’m lucky. I’d really like to sell off print and film rights for my novels, and maybe graphic novel rights too. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll also be doing a little more work on social networking for my novels in 2013. Apparently, I need a Twitter account, and I’m going to add a YouTube channel in conjunction with this blog. It will be someplace fun to put video book reviews and to answer reader questions. It should also be good practice video editing, since I might be starting another side job soon, making commercials for a local channel. 2012 has been pretty awesome, but I think 2013 will be even better!

If I don’t make it back on here sometime in the next week, I’ll catch you all in 2013! Hope you all had/have an awesome Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Solstice/Bodhi Day and a Happy New Year!

Good Morning and Good Night

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So, I haven’t been to sleep yet. I just spent the witching hours writing a heap of OCD lists (groceries, what I’m going to plant in my garden in the spring, an updated budget, all the things I’m going to do with my spare time now that I’m through with college, a to-do list for today, and Monday… and Tuesday, ect.). I also cruised around the interwebs checking out random book review blogs and vlogs, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to fancy up my Youtube channel and start incorporating videos into the blog… that I don’t update very much as it is, but I plan to change that now that school’s out. Seriously, I think I have enough spare time coming my way that I could plot out a pretty detailed plan for world domination by next summer. You know, if I was into that sort of thing.
I think my lack of sleep is due to excitement and uncertainty. My schedule is about to get a massive makeover, and I’m not sure how it’s all going to play out just yet. I’m optimistic though. I intend to write 10,000 words a week, though Guide week will probably throw a wrench into that equation. So we’ll say 5,000 that week. Which calculates out to roughly 35,000 words a month. If I count what I already have typed, I’ll have book 3 in my series completed by the end of February. Then I’ll send it off to my editors (my lovely seester and my awesome comp II professor, and maybe my friend Brad if he’ll forgive me for not getting that advanced copy of book 2 to him…), and then I’ll do revisions and have it published by the first of April. That’s the projected timeline anyway.
I’m being really ambitious and planning on doing more extensive networking with the book review blogger community too. Maybe I’ll see about setting up a blog tour. There’s lots of fun stuff going on here on the net, and I’m a little surprised that I’ve fallen behind technologically. I was learning html and how to code my own website 12 years ago, this shouldn’t be an issue. The goal is to post a video book review on Mondays, and then to post a regular blog or video on writing, publishing, or life in general on Thursdays. I imagine this is all going to end up getting worked into a New Year’s resolution, since I still have gifts to wrap and Christmas cards to make. Yeah, I’m making Christmas cards this year. I’m feeling crafty. Let’s hope it sticks.

Blood Pressure

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Mine’s dropped to a more stable level recently. This past week, I wrote a 6 page paper on the publishing industry, a 5 page paper on biodiversity and Daniel Quinn’s novel “Ishmael”, and a 2 page paper for my Health and Wellness class. I’ve taken the final exams for my Biology and Health classes, as well as a 108 question exit exam required for graduation. I have an essay final to take Monday in my Comp II class, and I have a painting to finish for my advanced painting class. Then I’m done. Forever. Seriously.
By some miracle, also known as the Internet, I still somehow managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done. Before too long, the house will be clean again and I’ll be back to a productive writing schedule. I’m also looking forward to catching up on my scrapbooking and a few other craft projects.
I still think I’ll be able to release book 3 by March or April, and hopefully I’ll have that preview chapter of book 3 out next week. I keep trying to work on it, but the universe is plotting against me. I never get more than a paragraph in before the phone rings and some emergency needs my immediate attention. My graduation celebrating will be cut short by guide week starting Thursday. There are a couple offices wanting their pages completely redesigned, and I have some web site building to work on too.
Well, there’s my update. Sorry it’s been a while. With school being over (FOREVER, have I mentioned that?) I’ll also have time for more blogification as well. Oh! And “Graveyard Shift” will be available on the Kindle for 99¢ for the whole month of December. Happy Holidays!

Open Stage Reading in Texas

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Because it didn’t embed in the last post…. let’s try again!

Texas Recap

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Texas was fantastic! The book signing went great, Open Stage was awesome, and the aquarium was superb! Superb. That adjective is definitely not used enough. It was really nice to finally meet so many people I’ve only known via the internet for so long. We’re already planning a trip back in the spring when book 3 comes out! There is a lot more I’d like to mention about our fun-filled Texas trip, but I’m in a time crunch to get caught up on homework and graphic design work, so maybe Monday? In the meantime, here is the video from the reading I did at Open Stage. First time there, and first time reading in public. Can you tell that I’m nervous? It was fun anyway, and hey, they had hookas! : )

Me Reading From "Graveyard Shift" at Open Stage in Richardson, TX (October 29, 2012)